Friday, May 15, 2009

Next Batch---

I dyed more fabric last evening. I am not really as satisfied with this batch as I was the first one. The colors are more muted/faded. My procedure was the same as before but the colors aren't as bold/bright. In my research I found that dye loses it's "punch" over time. I am wondering if these dyes were a bit older? There is really no way to be certain, and I suppose it really doesn't matter since some people prefer muted colors---I just happen to like the opposite. The pictures of the two fabrics are fat quarters--the reddish one's base fabric is a Kona cotton in the very light beige color.

I saw a recipe that uses table salt because it is suppose to make the colors adhere to the fabric better. When my dyes arrive, I think I will experiment with that. I have created a "dye notebook" in which I will keep the recipes and swatches of the results so I will be able to replicate my successes.

On another note, my GS took "Emma's Quilt" to school and presented it to his teacher on "Honor your Teacher Day". She cried! Today I am going to school to have lunch with him because she wants to give me a "personal hug". I am so glad she liked it and my GS is very proud of his "Mai" (pronounced "My-ee"--what my grandbabies call me).

Hugs! and have a great day and week-end!


  1. Another great batch I think, Patricia. Great tip to use table salt. I will have to make a note of that for when I am going to try to dye a few fabrics for myself...just not sure when and if it will happens.

  2. Thanks so much for your concern Patricia. We don't have power yet but hopefully soon...*sigh*

    Thanks again,



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