Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Quilt Started for my Handdyes!

I of course, HAVE to start a new quilt with my hand dyed fabrics. I did some research and found this neat quilt on a site. It essentially is a log cabin block (which I love). Although I like to change quilt patterns to make them "my own", when I find one that is perfect, I figure why re-invent the wheel. As a result, my quilt will resemble the original pattern, although (of course), it will be much larger. At this point (with four blocks completed) it is looking pretty good. BTW, I didn't dye the black--it is purchased Kona cotton.

My guild had their annual auction, and I got a book that explains how to dye in plastic bags. I am going to purchase another book (Color by Accident) this week-end, so I am building my reference books. I really am liking this!

I hope you have a great holiday week-end. We are going to have guest (my nephew and his wife, and my oldest son) so I anticipate fun! I do have to work Saturday, but I don't intend to let that dampen my mood at all!



  1. I like your log cabin blocks...the pattern works well with your hand dyed fabrics.

  2. I love the colors of your hand dyed fabrics, like a eye candies! :)

    Have fun with all the colors !

    Wish you a great holiday weekend, too!

    Zlaty :)


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