Thursday, July 14, 2011

Current Project!

I am keeping to my personal commitment to complete as many UFO's as possible before starting a new project. I have given up posting my progress on Judy's blog since I have a really hard time linking for some reason and rather than continue to be frustrated, I will just post my progress here.

The quilt above was started in March of 2010. It was an on-line quilt along at one of my favorite blogs (oh fransson). I purchased a jelly roll and raided my stash for the prints. Although the original block was to be 6.5 inches unfinished, I misread the directions and my blocks are 7.5 unfinished. It is really fine since, remember, I don't do "small", so the added inch will mean I don't have to make as many blocks (hopefully). As I figure it, with the sashing, which I will make 2.5 inches unfinished, I will need a setting of 10 x 11 to get a nice queen size. That is 110 blocks. I have enough sets for 115, which will mean I will have the ability to switch out ones I don't particularly like, and put the remainder on the back of the quilt for a nice backing. I currently have 36 blocks, so I don't have "too many" to finish :c) The original quilt along had you making 8 blocks a week. They go together rather quickly (although I am obsessive and have to press each seam before going on to the next which slows me down a bit). Again, I am going to try though not to get hung up on how many I finish per day/week, but just that I work on it daily.

Hopefully, I will have this finished within the next couple of weeks (at least the top), and then maybe (?) I will give myself permission to start a new quilt. I have just the quilt in mind and every day I have a struggle to keep myself focused on keeping my commitment----BUT I shall prevail.

On another note, my Guild meets on Monday night and we will submit our challenge quilts for judging. I looked at my quilt again and even if I don't win or place, I am pretty proud of myself. I think I have met the challenge and am anxious to see the comments. I really enter "contests" to get the feedback and work really hard to take any comments constructively, even the positive ones. There are so many talented quilters in the group, I am as excited to see their interpretation as I am to hear what they have to say about mine. I will be able to post the picture on Tuesday, so it will be fun to read what "strangers" have to say (please do comment).

Well, gotta go---I bought a big basket of fresh peaches, so I am going to make a peach cobbler (the old fashion way with a pie crust). Don't know what has gotten into me. Oh yea---everyone loved the blackberry cobbler, but I am not so sure I really liked this recipe. The crust, was actually more like a cake when it baked, so it was a bit like eating a blackberry shortcake. It was good, but I still think I prefer the kind our mothers made with traditional crust.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. You have way more willpower than me. I commit not to start anything new and it lasts about 10 minutes. Enjoy the peaches. They're making my mouth water. Lane


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