Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stash Additions!

Yesterday was the annual Tennessee Valley Quilters Association Meeting. In addition to a really entertaining speech and truck show by Janet Jones Worley ("Quilts for Chocolate Lovers" author)---I will from this point on, smile when I meet a quilter named Barbara--there was some really good vendors present. Above is part of the stash additions I brought home. I also got some yardage for the Guild mystery day, but I am not going to show that---a few members read the blog. All in all it was a good day! As you can see from my fabric choices I am back to my "bright" self (although Diane says I never left). I have that quilt floating around in my head that will come to life in these brights. I am going to visit our oldest son in Silver Springs, Maryland in a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to more fabric "research".

Well, gotta get back to finishing that quilt---I have a bit of a headache and needed to stop for a minute. Take care and have a wonderful, restful, creative Sunday!



  1. Wow!! Love those fabrics! I knew you hadn't lost your brightness! LOL I'm going to start looking for bright stripes -- that quilt is calling my name!

  2. Oh, and I forgot -- Janet Jones Worley was at one of the HB Retreats before you left Jax. Remember?


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