Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Quilt!

I am still trying to stay focused and work on the quilt on my wall----but this one is in my head and I can't seem to get it out---so I have to at least start it. I saw it in a magazine, but it didn't have directions included, so I am making it purely from memory since in spite of Google, I can't find the pattern. This is the first of the blocks (gosh I have a LOT of strings on my design wall--I need to take it down and wash it), and I am sorta "winging" it, but I think I will figure it out soon. I have a lot of FQ's, but not a lot of yardage in the colors I want--but given the size of this one block, I am going to have to make smaller ones if the fats are going to work.

Oh and just to clarify----I hope I didn't offend anyone and certainly didn't mean to imply that followers don't think for themselves. This is my blog, and just like others can do, I have a right to say what I feel. It isn't hateful or vengeful and in the whole scheme of things, really isn't that important anyway. It is a way for me to share selective thoughts about myself and my art, quilting, that will hopefully be of interest to others. There are wonderful blogs out there that share so much more than my little one, including Mary's which is why I link to hers (and why she has hundred's of Followers). Just like she didn't mean to offend, but to express her thoughts and feelings---I did the same.

Now back to my own little blogdom! Hugs and have a wonderful evening! "Talk" to you later!

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