Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You Think This Quilt Is Ugly??????

This is a Jelly Roll Quilt. I posted about it a couple of weeks (maybe months) ago. I made it at my guild retreat and really enjoyed making it. It is shown without the faux piping binding I put on it---but I think it turned out nicely, and I planned to make more. It is perfect (I think) for those quick quilts, and would be "sweet" for a charity quilt for a teen.

Why am I posting it again with this title---I read the blog that Mary has daily. I think she lives a interesting life---she is a nurse (she no longer practices), and creates quilt patterns I really like. Her husband has a fantastic job (I don't know what it is), but she gets to travel all over the place and doesn't have to work (certainly one of my goals). Her dog is even cute!--like mine. Her family seems loving and she seems to enjoy her time with them tremendously. Get to the point you say---well a couple of days ago, she blogged that she couldn't help it but she hated jelly roll quilts, in fact she said they were ugly and asked for comments. Of course, she got lots of comments (she has a LOT of Followers) and the majority of them (of course) agreed. Now understand, I still like Mary---will continue to read her blog, and believe that everyone has an opinion. I also know that if anyone has an opinion, quilters will.

I (of course) disagreed. I think that the JR makes the quilt. I have seen some that I think would have benefited from a different fabric choice or a border, but then I have felt that way about other quilts as well. What I found though particularly interesting was the "blog phenomena".

  1. The "band wagon" was evident. There are some people who will always agree with the person they feel is the leader, celebrity, "big boss". I dare say that some of those people "I agree with you Mary", "yes, ugly"...hadn't even thought about whether they liked the quilt or not, but because someone they consider important (for whatever reason) said they were ugly, they did as well.

  2. People who had thought about it, but were afraid to mention it. These people were just waiting for someone to initiate it and give them "permission" to say what they really felt. How wonderful to finally get to express the feeling they had been holding in for upteen guild meetings!

  3. Blogging comments allow you to say whatever your little heart desires, even mean and be assured that no one will know who you are. Sorta like "throwing the rock and hiding you hand". You can go to a guild meeting and oh and ah over that JR quilt, while you know that it was you who posted on Mary's blog--"I think they are butt ugly". In some instances that can in fact be freeing since don't we always have to smile and say, "how nice" at someones creation when really you might want to run screaming from the room.

I still like my quilt. Quilting is like art---nothing is really ugly, because it is someones interpretation. It may not be what I would do, but I don't think I should ever devalue someones creative interpretation of anything. Some of the comments were unnecessarily personal and spiteful (I think), but then maybe I felt that way because I like JR quilts and I sorta took it personal.

Oh well, I am not losing sleep over it. Will still make them (I just bought a new JR to make my DH one), and do so knowing that no one will ever to my face say my quilt is ugly. As long as I don't hear it, they think it is beautiful!!!! BTW, Mary's son agreed with me---he likes them---so there!!!! :c)

Have a great day!


  1. Your border fabric really makes that quilt - gives it a definition and life that sometimes the jelly roll quilts can lack. You know when the fabrics are too similar, and sort of blend into each other? I don't like that much ... I nearly made a comment on Mary's blog that I agreed with her, but didn't, just because of what you then posted - some of these quilts are very pretty indeed!

  2. Actually I think it's cute. And, just as the previous poster was thinking, I think the extra touches you put into it-the borders etc-help bring out the colors. Some JR quilts are cute some aren't. But I think that's true of every quilt!

  3. Like you said, any quilt can be ugly. My fave quilt pattern, one I am not brave enough to try, is the double wedding ring. I have seen some true beauties. And, I have seen some really atrocious ones. Seems that no matter what the idea is, sometimes it will execute perfect and won't. I like your quilt for the variety of color and the way you seamed pieces to make rows gives it excitement. Lane

  4. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and should be able to express them freely. I don't like sampler quilts, but anyone who does should not be personally hurt or offended because of my view on them and anyone else that doesn't like them should be able to agree with me without being called a follower who doesn't think for themselves. I love the colors of your quilt and the way you finished it, but it's not my style.


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