Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Epiphany!

I love the word, "epiphany", I like how it rolls off my tongue. Well I had one this morning! I am admitting the type of quilting I love and have decided to not do anything else. I went through a period when I was trying to "quilt outside the box". For me that meant using CW fabrics, really planned quilts, even some simple applique. Although the quilts looked okay and some even got nice comments, I really didn't like them. I am now over that! I am a spontaneous sort of girl---okay I have said it. My everyday life is planned and there isn't a lot of room for "just doing", so I am going to use my quilting for that.

I love bright colors---lots of strings---things that don't really match---fabrics that make your "eyes jump"---what a Guild member said about the back of my string quilt. I am not really a "modern" quilter per se. I think it is interesting that "modern" is springing up all over. Have you had a look at antique quilts, the Gee's Bend quilt----those were made years ago and were done so from what was at hand. They were made to be used---now you can get a Gee's Bend Kit (pattern) to make a quilt that is suppose to mimic "spontaneous". Those type quilts are now considered "modern quilting". I think what makes them modern is the fact that many are smaller--more wall quilts/paintings. They are beautiful---but I always smile when I hear, "modern" used to describe them.

Those two words, "pattern/kit and spontaneous", seem like an oxymoron doesn't it. Anyway, I am going to go back to what I love. Sorry if my quilts will make your "eyes jump" but they make my "creative mojo" jump, and after all isn't that what "art" is all about. I am still going to make "big" quilts---the practical side of me will not allow me to make "wall" or throw quilts, I want them to be used. But I am going to do what I want and really not care so much rather I "get outside of the box" unless it is to expand the use of brights etc. in "traditional"patterns (whatever that means).

I don't know why I had the urge to put all of this in writing. Maybe because as I looked at my Guild Challenge in comparison with the others, it was so different to me. I felt a unusual feeling, and I didn't like feeling sorta "left" out. And then I started to wonder, what was wrong with having something different---and decided, not a "dog-gone thing". So I just recommitted myself.

Now---I am going to finish my current quilt---it fits the build for my "new" thoughts. Actually, as I look at the other UFO's except for a few, they are all "Patricia". Those that are not, are going to be either cut up to make something else, or the blocks will become a back. I am not going to even attempt to finish a quilt again if I don't like it.

My next quilt is simmering in my head and I am excited about it. I have seen one like it in my on-line searches and can't find a pattern, so I will create from scratch. I purchased some rulers completely by mistake years ago and rather than take them back, I kept them. NOW they are just what I need. Maybe in my subconscious I knew they would play a role in the creation of a quilt one day. I just have to figure out how to use them :c)! Unfortunately, this quilt will have some applique (which I hate), but I will do it by machine so----

Well, I feel better! My GS is in the Little League World Series and I am going to the first game at 12 noon! The heat index today is to be around 105 degrees! My daughter and I are taking the canopy--lots of cold drinks---a straw hat (for me)---sunscreen--and showing our love. Sure wish a miracle would happen and the game would be delayed until Fall :c)

Happy quilting!

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  1. You GO! I see so many quilts in magazines that are "modern" and really are usually just an old pattern remade in wild, large scale prints. Nothing "modern" there. Be true to what you like and make as many as you can. Lane


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