Friday, July 15, 2011

Okay---So I did Start AND Finish A New Quilt!!!

I know I said I wasn't going to start a new project, but I remembered I needed to make a baby quilt. There is a young man that works at the hospital where I use to work and where I take my students for their clinical rotation. His mother also works there and they are really nice people. He is expecting his first baby soon and although I don't give gifts until the baby is born (what my mother always said to do---), I still wanted to have it ready. This is a really fast pattern. You need 6 different fabrics and a yard of a border. I know the trend now is really bright modern baby quilts, and I like those as well. But it is just something about a soft pink quilt for a baby girl, so I got some 30's and put it together. The background is pink gingham and and I think it is such a sweet quilt. I will load it tomorrow and probably quilt it in a heart panto. I plan to put on the faux piping binding so I can put it on by machine. I finished it in a day, so I think I am still "sorta" keeping to my commitment---I didn't create another UFO!


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  1. Very sweet for a little girl! And you deserved a break since you've been so good at staying on task! LOL Now it's back to the other quilt! :-)


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