Saturday, February 11, 2012

1 Done--Another 3/4th Done!!

It is hard to see, but the quilting pattern really looks nice on this quilt! Great even tension!!

The "Ug" quilt is done! I say "Ug" simply because I don't like it, but after quilting it, it doesn't look bad at all really. I continue to be amazed at how quilting changes the look of quilts! It is the added dimension that really makes them come alive, and even "sing" sometimes. I have cut the binding and will sew it on tomorrow!

I've had a great Saturday!!!! First there was the Guild Meeting! Lots of good bonding and a GREAT hot dog! I came home and worked on "Spontaneous"---it is 3/4th of the way done. My legs were starting to hurt a little (I am quilting in my "sock" feet and really should have on my Crocs). I am taking a little rest, but should have it done either tonight or tomorrow. I am using one of my Circle Lord Boards---"Swirl" and it is looking good! I decided to use grey thread on the front and red "So Fine" on the back. I hadn't had really good luck in using So Fine before, but with my Towa tension, I was able to get it right this time. Although when you look closely you can see the little grey "pin dots" (no way to really avoid that), the tension is great on the back!!!!!! I know I talk a lot about tension, but if you only knew the "stuff" I went through trying to get a decent stitch on the front AND back, you would understand :c). I had better not brag too much, Harriet might hear me :c)!! I am also "floating" the top---since there are so many seams, I thought it best to decrease the possibility of stretching. I rarely do this, but it makes it easier to keep your top straight and work with those occasional "puffy" areas,

All in all--A great day!

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  1. Your "ug" is lovely! That looks like a rather gorgeous print in the border.


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