Friday, February 3, 2012

FINISHED!!!!! Finally!

I got up early today, finished the last block and put the rows together on "Spontaneous Combustion"!!!!!! It measures 82 x 92.5---perfect for my queen size bed. Now the challenge will be to figure out what thread to use. I usually try to get a coordinating backing so I don't have to worry about thread matches, but this time since the backing is a predominate red/blue, I am going to have to audition some threads. I am thinking that a red thread would be okay though. They have this same fabric in a yellow predominate, and I wish I had purchased that, but I didn't, and I really don't want to spend more money to get the other colorway (I don't think so anyway). I just really think the red "speaks" to the quilt more.

I am going to hurry and quilt the "UG" quilt, so I can put this one on. I will probably just do a simple meander since it is so very busy, anything fancy would be a waste of energy---I am already doing that with the current quilt and I want to just get this one done and bound so I can admire it!

Well, have a great day and week-end!


  1. I just love this one! I can definitely see why you need to keep would be a shame for it to grace someone else's bed when you enjoyed doing it so much!! I have to say it is truly a scrap lover's quilt.

  2. This quilt is wonderful! I'll bet it's a walk down memory lane every time you look at your scraps in there! Good job!

  3. Love how your quilt came out! I just have a gentle swirl pattern quilted on mine (Pensive) and I'm happy with how it came out...good luck!

  4. I love busy quilts and this one definitely qualifies!

  5. Wow, this looks great. For some reason I rarely use red thread ... Just don't like how it looks quilted up. I tend to us a medium brown instead.


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