Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Some Random Thoughts!

No pictures of quilts today--my blog is about my quilting adventure with some life "stuff" thrown in occasionally, so this post is about that "stuff"---just some "musing".

I am a sorta "novice-plus" longarm quilter..... not a beginner, but not yet a expert. I have some very nice "tools" (thanks to a very giving husband) to help me and am becoming much more comfortable in using them. My husband made these rather significant purchases (for us anyway) purely for my enjoyment. We never considered branching out into any type of business. Mainly when I did a lot of garment sewing, I have tried sewing for others. Quite often people wanted me to make an absolutely perfect dress (or whatever) from not very good fabric, without zippers, interfacing or even thread, and then charge them $10 because after all ("I paid $5 a yard for that fabric). People never considered the time you put into making their garment, since no matter what, I wanted to produce the best product ever. It was frustrating and at times very hurtful so I stopped, instead sewing for a time on consignment (I would make garments and then have a consignment shop sell them). I NEVER put my name in them, preferring to stay anonymous, and they sold well.

When I started quilting and then later got my longarm, even though I was often asked if I would quilt for others I said no, but relented and started "Imani" quilting service. WELL---Imani is closing! I found the experience stressful, hurtful and not worth the sleepless nights worrying about whether my clients would like my quilting. As an educator, I also was in a dilemma to try to help quilters by offering suggestions and pointing out areas that could be improved---not to be mean or demeaning, but to "help"---well that doesn't work, and again I came away feeling strangely hurt. I came to the conclusion that except for a few instances, not all quilters are interested in having someone critique their work, even if done to help their quilting growth. I am the first to admit that I am sensitive although at first meeting, most people don't think so. I take things to heart and although that is my problem, I can't seem to not. Maybe that is why I am considered such a good nurse---but then I digress. Anyway, for those of you who quilt as a profession for others, my hat goes out to you. I truly admire you providing such a service. I think I am a good longarmer---not a custom longarmer but in looking at others, I "do pretty good"---but I am going to "do pretty good" on my own quilts (and Diane's) and unless asked, will keep my "teaching" and advice to myself.

Wow---I feel so much better!!!!!!! Thanks so much for listening! Have an absolutely marvelous and blessed day. It is going to be 75 degrees here in Middle TN today! Can you believe it! I have to teach today, but I am coming immediately home after classes and guess what I am going to do!!!!



  1. Imani may be closing, and I do understand your doing so, but I appreciate your advice and will continue to look to you for your pearls of quilting wisdom. You are a quilter extraordinaire and your advice is shared with your innate compassion and love for quilting. Now ... enjoy this lovely day in MidTN!

  2. It's always tough trying to please others, for whatever reason or method. No one is ever completely satisfied, except me! Your talents in quilting and sewing far out reach mine and I've told you many times that I love to hear what you think about whatever I am doing. It is thanks to you that my quilting seams & matchups are so good now! (Who would have figured just pressing the seams OPEN would have such a fantastic result!!??) Also in following your lead (again) I have slowed my sewing speed down a bit and find I'm having better results in control, etc. And you can tell on me that I was definitely a speed demon on the sewing machine! LOL
    Anyway I think you are making such a good decision. I hope whoever it was will one day realize that you were truly only trying to help and pass along your love of this wonderful craft. We should be happy at what we do for fun & pleasure and I know you will continue to enjoy yourself!

  3. I agree with you! I used to do clothing sewing and then some custom quilts back in the 1970s. The stress and then the hurt when they didn't like what I made, and usually petty little things that didn't make a lot of difference. I sew for me and if someone happens to like what I already have made well enough to purchase it, fine, but no custom orders. There is no way I would quilt quilts for anyone else either. This is supposed to be fun, not stressful. Your real creativity comes out when you aren't under stress and then the real winners are made.


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