Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy Saturday!

This week-end is tax-free shopping here so me, my DH and our GS went school shopping. The sales tax here is almost 10% so it was worth fighting the crowds. What was different however was there wasn't a lot of things in the stores. My GS wears uniforms to school and at each store there was no more than 2 of his sizes in the pants he wears. We had to go to three stores in order to get him 5 pair of pants. I was so tired I didn't even stop at Joanne's---I'll have to do that tomorrow. I need to pick up a magazine and see if they have some quilters cotton.

Above are the pictures of my fabs from yesterdays dyeing session. I also did some "artsy" ones, but they weren't all that great. I will use those to experiment in overdyeing. I have a order coming from Dhrama so I will not do anything else until then. I plan to do some discharging---that sounds interesting. I did it once, but didn't read about the stuff to STOP the discharge. I made this great dress and wore it once. I hung it up and when I took it down to wear again, it was literally in shreds. This time I ordered some discharge stop stuff---so we'll see how it goes. Then after that group, I think I will be done for the year. I now have a three drawn storage unit full!

Well, I have to take out my quilting from my quilt. As I removed the quilting, I think I will quilt it in a solid color----maybe yellow or a soft orange. I think the variegated thread is all wrong, even though the quilt blocks are very colorful. If I hadn't put on the black border it might work, but I think a solid color is better. The color I quilt with will depend on what I get for the backing. Maybe I can find a orange or yellow polka-dot---you know the really large dots. I'll look for it tomorrow.


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  1. You have some great pieces there. You can get anti clor in the fish department at Walmart or your pet store alot cheaper then from Dharma or ProChem. Discharging is fun.


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