Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Been A While!

I can't believe it has been over a week since I last posted! I have been really, really, REALLY busy, but I think things are going to settle down a bit. Tomorrow my Guild is having a class and I will be there all day. I am really looking forward to that--it is always so nice to get together with friends and sew a bit. I remembered too late that I am suppose to bring a dessert so this time it will have to be "store bought"! I'll stop at a bakery on my way to class and see what strikes my fancy.

I finished a quilt today. Last year I participated in a "buck block", the block kits were $1.00. I did it in both 30's and civil war prints. I really liked the finishing kits so although I had never purchased a kit before, I bought one for each (the center of each star is the "buck block"). I have been working on the 30's kit for a week so I finished it today. I really like the border I did. The quilt is scrappy and the border finishes it off---at least I think so. I think I will call it "Everything but the Kitchen Sink".

This the quilt without borders. As is, it is a "girly quilt" don't you think?

This is the quilt with the borders added (the quilt is folded in half). Now it doesn't look so "girly". I really like the borders! and the "unexpected" scrappiness.

I also did some dyeing---some greys, cobalt blue (wet, it looks sort of like blue jeans) and some layered dyeing. I really have quite a stash and really think this might be my last dyeing of the season. I don't want to stock pile a lot of fabric, but will use some of it before I dye more.

That is about all for today! Hopefully, I will have pictures to post of our class tomorrow!



  1. Great quilt!

    I am collecting 1930's reproduction fabrics too!

    There is nothing wrong with a "girly" quilt!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. LOVE your 30s quilt! And yes, that border really DOES finish it off well.


  3. Yeah! Another finish! Love the blocks-now I need to get started on mine. Also like the border you put with it. Was that in the kit or did you get that extra?

    Can't wait to see some quilts made out of your hand dyes!


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