Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Checking In!

School has started, at least for faculty, and I have been very busy!!! Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. I am going to try something new this year---podcast my lectures. Hope it works---:-) My DH purchased me a digital voice recorder so we'll see.

Quilt wise, I have decided to really try to finish up some of these UFO's before I start something new. As a result, I am working on several quilts at the same time----my Depression block (I have 9 blocks out of 56 done). This quilt is a little slow in coming together since it is all half-triangles (16 per block for a total of 896 for the entire quilt). As I write this, I don't think this will be finished BEFORE I start a project---maybe a more realistic goal should be to work on it weekly if not daily.

I am also working on the 9-patch a day; and a art quilt made up of my handdyes. Oh yea, I am also working on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery. Well after re-reading this, I can in fact start another project since everything I am working on (except the art quilt) is BOM-like. When I finish this post, I guess I will go up to my "closet" and get a kit down (I have two). I already have the blocks made so all I need to do is put it together!!!! Actually, this would qualify as a UFO (right) so I am keeping to my plan :-)

If the weather holds (it has been raining), I am going to discharge and do a little dyeing this week-end. I also have to review my lectures and edit my syllabus. Well, looks like I am going to be pretty busy, since I am also scheduled to work on Saturday---WHEW--I am tired already.

Hugs and have a great remainder of the day/night! xoxo

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  1. Finishing your projects is always a challenge.
    I like to work on a few projects, too.

    Good luck with the podcast!



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