Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just Checking In!

This was a sorta quiet day. I spent the morning catching up on some BOM's and my "Nine Patch A Day". I now have a total of 30 blocks (I have been making two per day). I am not sure how many I should have but my plan is to make at least 140. I haven't figured out how many I will need for the quilt (I will play with EQ after posting).

Thanks Judi for the tip about purchasing Anti-Clorox stuff at the pet store or Walmart. Our Wally World doesn't have a "fish" department, but the pet store sure does. Tomorrow I will check it out. Isn't it amazing where you can find "stuff" we use for our fiber "art" at places other than LQS's. I don't know if any of you have a Harbor Freight near you, but if you do, take a stroll through there. The smell is yuk (smells like rubber tires), but I have found some great things there---I went Saturday and found some wonderful clamps that I will use in dyeing. They also have a nice digital scale for under $15 if you dye by weighting your fabric (I don't); they also had those gadgets that you can use to hold your rulers (a handle that attaches with a suction cup). I saw them at AQS for several dollars (I don't remember the cost exactly), but I got them at the Harbor for $.99 for the small one (they are orange, not the pretty pastel color, but I love orange). Those handle things that they sell to carry your plastic bags with were also $.99. Just wander down the aisle, you'd be surprised what you might find.

Have a great evening! Hugs!

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