Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dyeing Thursday (and Wednesday)!

Now that my little ones are gone, I can get back to dyeing. Yesterday I dyed some brights. As with each session I learn something new. This time I learned that:
1. You can start with dry fabric. In fact, it appears if you start with dry fabric, the color appears more intense---there is less variegation. If you think about it, it makes sense. Water acts as a resistant, so if the fabric is dry, the dye would be absorbed better. What is interesting is I used some Egyptian cotton and it ended up with what appears to be a right side and a wrong side.
2. I rinsed in cold water first, and then followed with hot rinses. It appeared that I had to do less rinsing. The cold water appeared to "set" the color.
3. When you put the last bits of dye together, you get some great colors. My problem is I don't write it down since my hands are all yuky. Maybe I should have a little tape recorder.

Following are the pictures of the finished product. Aren't they pretty!! The pink reminds me of bazooka bubblegum. You could get it for a penny and it was in two pieces so you could share it with a friend or save a piece for later, not like the hard nuggets you get these days. They also had a little funny page in them---ahh but I digress.

The last three FQ's were a result of adding a bit of black to the dye bath. Nice deep rich colors. They make me think of Fall.

I also learned that the water should be pretty warm to dissolve red dye. You can see the undissolved specks on the yellow FQ. This is also the group that I dyed dry (see the number in the corner--1D).

Isn't it interesting that blue and orange will get you a grey? These colors don't seem related at all do they?

Today I dyed some browns; grey/brown and some blue. I got fancy and used some clamps on some so I am anxious to see what they look like in the morning. I am accumulating quite a "stash" of hand dyes. I should have plenty to keep me busy this winter.

I also started quilting the "B-Square" quilt. I am not sure I really like it---I am using varigated thread and the border is black. Hopefully it will look okay---I was thinking of submitting it for a show, we'll have to wait and see.

Well, gotta go!

Hugs! "See" you later!


  1. I usually dye fabric when its dry (but DON't with thread - learnt that the hard way). I use Dylon cold wash and yes they say that the cold water sets the color. What dye do you use?

    Thank you about the tip on using black - I don't have that in my collection but using grey makes a really cool color to add to the quilt (but have not use that again since the next few quilts I already have the fabric ready without requiring changing the colors).

  2. How pretty! Do they look like a batiks? Do you use containers for rinsing or you go under the facet?

    How fun! Happy summer!

    Zlaty :)


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