Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TA DA---Another Finish!!!

I finished the "Disappearing Nine Patch" a couple of minutes ago!!!!!! I also cut out and ironed the binding, so all I need to do is quilt it! I get such a "high" when I have finished a quilt! I did however add another one to the "in progress" list---the Quiltville Mystery in Quiltmaker Mag. but I have finished all of Clue 1 so I am right on time. Although those people who subscribe have already gotten the magazine, it still wasn't out at Joanne's this week-end. I will go by today and see if it is out. If so, then I will complete Clue 2. I just gotta tell you---that girl does like LOTS of blocks. Clue 1 resulted in 188 blocks!!!!!!!! I know the quilt will be wonderful, but gosh---good thing a month was provided between clues :-)
I am really proud of myself because I did complete it---of course mine is going to be bigger. I did participate in a Guild Exchange of fabric for it, but I simply can't work with 2 inch squares results in 2 inch blocks---can't do it---so I worked with 2.5 inch squares that resulted in 4 inch blocks---not a lot of difference I know, but to me a tremendous difference. I had to do some conversions but it looks like mine are all consistent in size--so I am more than half way there.

I am now going to tackle cleaning up the house this morning and go back into my sewing room this afternoon. I just really want to sew only---I wish (oh how I wish) I could afford to have someone come and clean my house regularly!!!! But, if I did I wouldn't be able to get as much fabric, so for me it is a valid "trade-off".

Well, gotta go and shower and then tackle my morning! Hugs!

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  1. I look forward to the picture of your Disappearing nine patch! ;)

    What colors are you doing the mystery?

    Happy sewing!



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