Friday, August 7, 2009

More Dyeing!

I did more dyeing today! I am becoming a bit obsessed :-) but I do love to see the beautiful colors! I washed out my colors from yesterday and was I surprised!!! This time I decided to use some clamps in holding the fabric together before I put it into the dye bath. These were just really small clamps and barely held the fat quarter together. I got some great fabrics!! I really am not an "art" quilter, but I honestly could actually see these fabrics in a small art piece. They are much too pretty to cut up and I really do believe if I did I would probably ruin them. I am going to just put them aside and decide what to do. I also did some browns and grey/brown. These really do look like batiks! I am not sure what I did to make them that way. I do really crunch them up in the container---it could also be the dye as well, grey may be "heavier"?.

Today I did some greens, purple and just plain grey. I used some clamps on a couple of these so I will see. These will be my "art" group.

I also had some not so good experience. As I might have mentioned, I have a Gammill Premier Longarm. I started quilting my 2-b-Square quilt and first the top thread kept breaking, then when I solved that, it started skipping stitches. I got out my book and read that if the fabric has paint on it, it might cause skipped stitches. The fabric that I used on the back was a batik with gold paint so I thought that was it. The quilt has black border and I was freehanding a swirly in variegated thread. I didn't really like the look and with all the skipped stitches, I decided to stop and take out what I had put in. I really get so tired of adjusting this machine. If I hadn't invested so much money in it I would get another. I want to just load my quilts and sew, it seems that it doesn't matter how good of a stitch I have in the previous quilt, it is NEVER that way with subsequent ones----I have to adjust, even if I use the exact same thread! I know, the "learning curve" is steep---the problem is no one tells you that when you purchase it and the nearest dealer is in Mississippi so I am sorta on my own. Okay, I feel better, thanks for allowing me to vent :-)!

Now, let's move on to something that I had some success in doing. Following are pictures of my fabric---what do you think?

Grey/brown--clamped and rolled--

This was clamped and rolled and I dropped a drop (literally) of yellow on it-----

Grey/brown clamped--

From brown--clamped and rolled---

Blue gradient--

I don't know why this one turned this way, but I hope you get the idea. These are grey/brown--

These are my browns--

Thanks for "dropping by"! Have a wonderful evening! We'll "talk" tomorrow!


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  1. You have some great pieces there. I like all of them


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