Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been one busy person these days. Work (of course) and then taking care of my sick son. He has flu, not N1H1 but enough to make him feel really bad. Hopefully no one else will get it---he is wearing a mask whenever he comes out of his room. He is feeling better today so I think the worst is over.

As you know from an earlier post, a guild member died. We were in the process of making her a quilt. We are finishing the quilt and will give it to her husband who is also having some serious health problems. I volunteered to quilt it and so I have been working diligently to get it completed. I finished it today, so I will put on the binding. It will be ready for our next meeting on the third Monday. I'll take a picture and post it then,.

I also took a little time and went to an antique quilt show in a town not too far from here. They had some very old quilts there, some very well preserved. It's strange, but my favorites were the "utility" quilts which of course were the ones in poor repair. I took several pictures and will post them later.

Well, just wanted to check in. I will put the binding on the guild quilt tomorrow and then get back to my own quilts. Have a great evening! Hugs!


  1. My 1-half yo niece just came out from the hospital yesterday after two weeks plus of fever and four-day stay in the hospital. Tested twice and confirmed no strains of the flu.

  2. Glad to hear DS is feeling better - this flu going around, even though it isn't H1N1, is some wicked stuff. My 2 DGS both have had head colds that won't turn loose.
    Also glad to hear you finally got the quilt top for the guild member. Post a picture soon.
    Hugs, Diane

  3. Thanks for visiting my page. I also had the dreaded stuff last week,not N1H1 though. Thank goodness. Apparently the flu is running rampant through the schools here though. Hope everyone in your neck of the woods pulls through. Bye, Bye.


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