Sunday, September 20, 2009

OMG---Finally finished!

I fought with this thread (Bottom Line) and machine all week-end. Nothing I did seem to work---I changed needles, rethreaded and then rethreaded some more; increased and then decreased tension; sewed slowly and then faster......finally, I went back to my serger thread and it actually hummed with satisfaction. Not one more broken thread, not one more skipped stitch, the front AND back was perfect. Even though I changed thread, because they were both good grey matches, you really can't tell the difference. I am NOT going to waste my money on expensive threads anymore!!!! The ones I have I will use in my DSM for piecing and I am just going to be one of those quilters who commit the ultimate quilting "no no", quilt with serger thread. My girl is unpretentious and doesn't like all that fancy stuff :-) she is like her owner, "down to earth". I am going to square this baby up and then post a picture tomorrow. In cutting loose threads I saw some over-stitching on the back, but you know what, my label will just have to be in the center of the quilt. I DO NOT feel like taking anything out again.

I have two more quilts to put on the frame---with the thread Harriet likes!

xoxo Hugs!

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