Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's Been Going On?

I've been pretty busy (as usual) working and trying to get a bit of quilting in. The only thing I haven't been doing is cleaning! I really need to do that. My house isn't as bad as it could be, but it certainly isn't as clean as I normally keep it. It is just at the end of the day I am really tired, or when I have the energy, I'd rather be quilting. It is funny--when I had 5 little kids running around, my house of literally spotless! I use to clean at night while they were sleeping. My husband use to tease me---he got off work at 11:00 at night and he said he could smell the pine sol around the corner. Not so now---maybe I cleaned so much then, I used up all my cleaning hours :-)

This is a picture of the quilt top I have been working on. I just need to add the borders and it will be done. It was a BOM at the LQS and Diane and I purchased finishing kits. I finished the other one with 30's fabrics, this one is the same blocks as that one, but in CW's. It is a much bigger quilt---about queen size while the other one is more a full size quilt. I really like both of them.

After I finish this one I will then quilt them both. I have three quilts that need to be quilted. My goal is do finish as many quilts as I can this year and not buy any fabric unless I absolutely need it to finish a quilt. I am going to try to save all my shopping for the Puducah show in April.

I started another quilt (as a gift) that required over 100 5 inch squares and almost 300 2.5 inch squares. I purchased the 5 inch template for the GO! Cutter (I already had the 2.5 inch one). I was able to cut the squares in no time!!! All the same size---it would have taken me forever had I been doing it by hand----in fact, I probably wouldn't have even made it if I had to cut them out myself!

I have work to do and some cleaning to get in! Take care! and thanks for stopping by~

xoxo Hugs!

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