Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where Is that Fabric?

I work up this morning with a horrible headache---I got up, opened some windows and made coffee and it got better (take something for it---NEVER--remember I am a nurse--smile).

Anyway, it got better, didn't really go away, but was a dull ache now instead of a bass drum in my head. As we all do, I started playing with quilting ideas. I am in the "Nine-Patch A-Day" group, but really wanted to do something different with my blocks, so I started playing around with EQ6. I came up with a acceptable quilt (I am sure someone has already done it)--and then started thinking about fabric. This led to a search for this one piece of fabric that I thought would be great for a border. Couldn't find it anywhere---I find it amazing that often no matter how much fabric we have, we ususually know those pieces that we especially liked, no matter how long ago we bought it.

My search led me upstairs to what is now my husband's office, but what was once my quilting studio (before I took over the dinning room). My quilting stuff is still stored up there, and one closet is dedicated to fabric. In trying to find the fabric, this is what I did----

So I then had to clean it up---

Even with every single piece of fabric on the floor and rearranged, I couldn't find the piece I was looking for in the first place.

Guess where it was----in my quilting room downstairs!

Oh well, I did succeed in straightening up that closet. Now mind you, I have fabric also in my quilting room, in one of the closets in a bedroom, and in the linen closet upstairs---but those areas aren't in a mess, and don't hold as much fabric as this closet does. In the process I ended up with a bag of scraps, some batting scraps and a belt I had been searching for for over a year (it doesn't even fit anymore---smile!)

I am now hot and sweaty, my headache is much better, and I have accomplished something great---so I CAN quilt the remainder of the day! I know there are oddles of discussions about the state of fabric closets, but just seeing the "before" and "after" pictures "makes my day"!



  1. Patricia, How NICE your fabric storage closet looks! Maybe it will inspire me to finish the job I started in my sewing/office area a month ago.... NOT! - Kat

  2. I have to really laugh when I see the floor to DH's office! I know he put his head and shuddered! LOL
    I know you felt alot better knowing the closet was cleaned up and you had extra space available to your next shopping spell!

  3. Patricia, you did such a good job cleaning your fabric closet. I am working on cleaning my quilting place too...but I have not touch the closet yet. Thanks for inspitaring me to start working on my closet too!


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