Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Stopped By to Say Hey!

Just wanted to "drop" in---nothing really new going on.

I've been quilting today and as usual "Harriett" became contrary. I decided to use a panto---I am really good at meandering, but really like the look of panto's. I don't understand how I can be going along really great and just stop the machine to go to the potty. I come back, make sure all the threading is okay and start and whammo---eyelashes on the back! I had to take out two rolls---thank goodness because it was eyelashes, it came out easily. I just don't know why this machine is so darn "sensitive"----AND before you say anything, I wasn't using serger thread---I was using the "good stuff". That is probably the problem, had I used my serger thread I wouldn't have had a problem. I have just sewed so much, I really don't want to take it out so I will push on. I'm telling you though, I am going to use serger thread on the next quilt and if I don't have a problem, I will NEVER, EVER use any other thread---no matter what---unless someone GIVES me a bunch of thread---I sure will not buy anymore.

Well, I'm tired from taking out rolls---do you know how difficult that is and then the problem you have with realigning the panto....and it isn't even a gift quilt.

xoxo Weak and tired HUGS!

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles! What kind a frame do you use?
    Have a great weekend!



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