Friday, September 4, 2009

A Productive Day!

I worked at home this morning and got a lot accomplished. I always seem to do a lot better at home when I have to do "computer" work. When I am in my office there is always so many interruptions. I am so glad I am able to work in an environment that helps me to be productive.

Anyway, once I finished, I "allowed" myself a fast trip to Joanne's. I went with the intention of only getting batting (warm and natural, queen size for 9.99). I was really good! I bought 6 packs---3 of warm and natural and 3 of the warm/bright---a poly); I also got some minkie (on sale for $3.00 a yard) to back a couple of baby blankets and a tool I needed to cut some stencils. All in all a good day! I am really trying hard to not buy any new fabric unless I absolutely need it---I am not stashbushing per se, but being a little more selective. I have some great fabrics in my stash and it makes no sense to buy more unless I really want or "need" it. I have accumulated quite a lot of hand dyes as well, so this winter I will spend making some of those into quilts.

I worked on a finishing my other BOM. The picture looks like I have a lot of wrinkles in it---the flash captures everything, but it really doesn't look that wrinkled (stretched out) in person. I have a tendency to have a heavy hand and iron rather than press---but those places will "quilt out".

This is of my "art" quilt. The large blank space will hold a tree. I can't decide whether to discharge it in or applique it on. I also think I might add another color. Can't decide---so for now it is on my design wall and I look at it as I sew. It is speaking to me "slowly". I am also toying with hand quilting it---it is pretty small, but again, I am just "thinking" about it.

Tomorrow I will clean a bit and then sew some more. I am still removing the quilting in the quilt I messed up. I see lots of beautiful freehand, but for me, I think I will stick to the meandering and the panto's. No freehand for me unless it is a little quilt. Have a great week-end!


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  1. WOW.... You've been VERY productive! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see exactly what you do with the leaf/tree art quilt.



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