Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Birthday!

Today is our middle son's birthday!!! I can't believe that he is now 40!!! Wow, he is almost MY age!!! I remember when he was born---he was suppose to be born on St. Valentine's Day but got really impatient! He remains that way to this day! He weighed 3 pounds 8 ounces and except for his weight, he was perfect. I believe he was born smiling---and still does to this day!!! He walked at 9 months---or rather ran at 9 months and was one busy little boy. He is in the middle of retraining for another profession as a result of the economy (he was in construction) and is doing a great job. It is clear, that as soon as he graduates he will be "out of the gate" just like he was as a little one!!! Happy Birthday Sean!!!!!

Now for what else is "happening". I went to my Guild's Christmas Party and it was great fun to get out. Even though I arrived with a headache, it was soon gone. A group of us have formed a informal-formal group called the "Yo-Yo's". We on the surface have little in common (although one Yo-Yo and I share the same name--Patricia), but when we get together we laugh and have a good time and find then that we are more alike than different. Anyway, one of the Yo-Yo's was my Secret Sister!!! I had suspected originally, but then discounted it. She treated me as a "favorite" sister all year!!! I sure hope my new "sis" treats me as well---and my Secret Sister even gave me a gift!!!! Such fun!!!

I have put the Carolina Christmas Badge on the blog with a link to the pattern in case anyone wants to join in. I have slowed down a bit since it is finals time at school and I have to work to get my grades completed and submitted before the end of the week. This quilt is not for the faint hearted, and you have to LOVE scrappy! I suppose you could however make it more controlled, but to me, the scrappier the better! I am glad though that I chose to have my background more controlled and use one yellow, because the design could easily be lost if you didn't think about your colors. At any rate, it fits my bill---big and scrappy!

Well, gotta go work on grades some more. I have to take a break every now and then---and my break is over!


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