Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Is Almost Here!!!

My son and his family have arrived and the house is awash with the laughter and non-stop activity of little ones. I love it!!! The kids seem to be having great fun with each other and I am certainly enjoying my son and his sweet wife. The good news is I thought they were only going to stay until Sunday, but they are staying until after the New Year! This year they have had some real challenges, especially with his health, and so they will get a chance to really relax and hopefully rejuvenate themselves.

The First Annual Yo-Yo Christmas Party was a suggest. We exchanged "12 Days of Christmas Bags. They included:

1 Tote (made of course)
2 favorite notions
3 Christmas patterns
4 spools of thread
5 Fat Quarters
6 inch ruler
7 pieces of candy
8 inch scissors
9 feet of ribbon
10 sewing needles
11 sewing tips
12 inch block

I got Trish's bag! Isn't it beautiful---but I have to tell you, I would have enjoyed any of the bags. We are going to do it again at Easter. New Year's Day will find us at a "sew in". Too much fun!

My Go! dies also arrived. I think now I have all the ones that I will need, at least for now. I am participating in a Christmas Mystery and cut out all the required pieces using the Go! I love it!

Well, gotta go---I am baking cookies!


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