Saturday, December 19, 2009

Plugging Along------

That's what I am doing with Carolina Christmas. I got so tired of just doing the "parts" so I skipped ahead and started making blocks. When I do that it helps me to realize I am getting somewhere. This quilt will have 100 blocks! The most in any quilt I have made so far. It is though going to be a awesome quilt. Since it is so scrappy though with so many blocks, I am glad my background and light fabrics are similar. That should make my stars and poinsettia's stand out more---anyway, we shall see. I don't know if I will make the pieced border though, I am holding on my final decision until I see it.

Oh another subject, I don't know about you, but I am into comfort as I age. I use to walk around the house in my blue jeans, but anymore, they are so uncomfortable. I would rather be in my pajamas. I have been wearing guys flannel plaid bottoms during the winter---my DH keeps our heat turned low to conserve on energy. That is great, but I am a cold natured girl, so I am almost always cold. When I went shopping for Christmas, I saw some really cute flannel bottoms for a really good price $7. This is a picture of my latest ones with a read fleece top. There were two ladies that were absolutely laughing hysterically about these bottoms. I felt kinda weird, since I thought they were cute! I bought them anyway---I figure no one is going to come to my house and laugh at my bottoms---if they do---they can leave! I also got some cheetah ones, some polka-dot ones, some with little dogs on them and some with Christmas sayings (those I will wear on Christmas Day). My grandchildren smile and think I am odd I know, but I kinda like that :-)

Well, gotta go back to quilting!!!


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