Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Purchases (for me)!!

My husband and I have been married such a long time, that the effort to surprise each other at Christmas isn't important. It is more important (if we get each other a gift) is to try to get something we like and will use. For me, that is easy---anything to do with quilting. To ensure we get the right thing, at least one of the gifts is chosen by the recipient. Last year I chose the Accuquilt GO! I have really enjoyed it and with every special occasion, will get more dies. That was what I did this year. When they come (tomorrow) I will have all of them except the applique ones (I DON'T applique); the chisel (seemed useless for the type of quilting I do); the rag quilt die (If I got it I would probably only make one); and the 1.5 and 2 inch stripper. I really like this tool---it has saved me numerous hours of tedious cutting. There was free shipping so since I ordered so many I actually got one free. What a deal :-)

I also ordered some panto's. I was reading Millie's Blog (on my sidebar) and she had pictures of quilts she had quilted and the panto used. They were absolutely beautiful. Since I am a new longarmer, I don't have a lot of panto's and always have a difficult time choosing, so I purchased all the one's Millie had used on her quilts. The place I found them (Sew Thankful) was an on-line store and each one was on sale --- so not only did I get some really beautiful panto's but saved money as well.


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