Monday, December 14, 2009

Under the Weather!

It seems almost like after my birthday I started to "fall apart". I have been sick every since that day---first I had some GI "Issues", then when those cleared up, I developed a bad cold! It isn't the flu but it sure makes me feel bad. I spent all of yesterday in bed and decided to work at home today. I give my final tomorrow, so I really need to be feeling better. I do feel better than yesterday--so the rest did me some good. My DH seems to think I am just "rest broken"---he could be right.

Now, although I haven't been feeling well, I have still be quilting (of course). I am really into family tradition....Every year we get "Christmas pj's" and this year I am giving each of the grandbabies a pillowcase. I found the cuties fabric at JoAnne's for 75% off. I should have gotten the entire bolt but for once I was frugal---the fabric says "family tradition; families"---perfect! The cases turned out really nice, don't you think.

I am still plugging along on the Bonnie Mystery!

I have downloaded all the clues thus far and think I am going to skip ahead and make some of the blocks with the "pieces" I have. I don't know about you, I get really discouraged sometimes just making pieces of blocks. Making a couple of blocks sorta encourages me and I can go back to making the pieces. I have almost 100 pieces of blocks to make yet. I also have a bunch of 2.5 squares to cut---like 500 or something! I am so glad I have a GO! cutter. It is saving me bunches of time.

My Guild is having their Christmas Party tonight---this is also when the identity of your "Secret Sister" is revealed. I am going to rest today because I really do want to go. I am all prepared!!! I hope my "Sis" isn't disappointed it is me :-)



  1. I think those pillowcases are super treats!

  2. So cute case! Take care and keep warm.

  3. Happy Belated B-day Pat!

    I love the pillowcase's fabrics! Great job!

    I just saw step 6 of your mystery is listed on your side bar, I will go look!

    Happy sewing!


  4. Hope you're feeling better!

    The pillowcases are cute -- I'm going to be making some for HeartStrings in Jan/Feb and am hoping to bust a lot of stash with them.


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