Monday, December 7, 2009

A Mess!

I don't know about you, but I can't seem to "create" in a space that isn't a mess!!! This is what my quilting area looks like as I am creating a quilt based on Carolina Christmas---the Bonnie Mystery. I didn't get to really work on it much this week-end, but after I clean a bit today, I am going to get back to it. I am also going to participate in the Christmas Mystery with another web group, so yet another quilt will be started. When I look at the quilts I have finished however, I haven't done so bad. I am averaging over 1 quilt per month---pretty good huh!?! I am also only using fabric from my stash, so I am doing pretty good at "stashbusting". Although fabric is being added, the majority are FQ's that I have received from my "Secret Sis", or yardage I will use for backing---so all in all, this hasn't been a bad year for quilting.

Hope today will be a wonderful one for you. My grandson is home from school sick so I anticipate I will be pretty busy!

Tomorrow is my birthday!!! It will be celebrated quietly (as usual) which is usually how it is with us December birthdays. It is okay with me, I am just so thankful for celebrating another. Getting older use to be a bit of a challenge for me because each birthday meant that I had less time to do what I wanted. As I have gotten older however I don't feel that way anymore since I believe now that age has absolutely nothing to do with accomplishing goals. Plus, the alternative to getting old is dying young---me I want to be get to a stage of VERY old---like my MIL who is almost 94 and living along, having a wonderful time!!!

Hugs to all!

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  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Patricia!! I hope you are the "queen of the day" at your house tomorrow. Praying for lots of blessings for you in the coming year!


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