Thursday, February 25, 2010

Continued Frustration with Blogger!

I continue to struggle with the "Follower" gadget for Blogger. Can't figure out why it has disappeared and when I search for help, I really can't find anything that is helpful. If you are a follower, please bear with this "issue". It happened before and came back on it's own. Hopefully the same thing will happen this time.

Now on to more pleasant conversation. Posted is a picture of the quilted Tumbler. I haven't stitched the binding down yet, but you can see the uneven edges have a much softer scalloped look after adding the binding. I am definitely going to make this again. It will really be a nice bed size quilt with the scallops on the side. Today I am going to work on the Paintbox blocks and Peaches and Berries. It has gotten cold again, but hopefully the snow that is in the forecast for some areas will not reach us.


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  1. LOVE the look of your tumbler quilt! This would be a good thing to do with some of my 30's repro fabrics... I seem to have quite a collection of them.



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