Monday, February 15, 2010

Focus Needed!!!!!!!

I can't seem to focus of late :-( I am all over the place, having difficulty setting down to complete projects I have started---so what do I do----start another one (sorta).

I did finish quilting the baby quilt AND put the binding on AND sewed it down!!! I also put the binding on Carolina Winter---which was no small feat! I will start sewing it down tonight while I watch the Olympics. I should have been working on my "Peaches and Berries" quilt, but instead started sewing tumblers together. I have a GO! cutter and had purchased the tumbler die. I cut out over 100 from scrap 30's and had put them into a box. I found them and started putting them together. I have enough to make a pretty good size lap quilt. I think I will use it in the car when we travel---no matter what the weather is, I am always a little chilled with the air conditioning, but the DH likes it cool to keep him alert. It is going together rather quickly, so hopefully, I will be back on track with more tedious piecing next week. I really am not starting another project, but completing a UFO--right?!?

Our Guild was cancelled tonight---too much snow and ice, so there is no need for me to go outside until tomorrow for work. YEA!! I will drink a cup of spice tea and relax!

Happy TV watching tonight. I will try to have pictures tomorrow!


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