Monday, February 8, 2010

Second Finish!

I finished the latest OhFransson baby quilt. It is really a quick and fun quilt to make! The "whackiness" of the blocks is perfect for a baby quilt!! I however made a mistake and used a directional print. You really could have done that, but I mistakenly looked at the quilt from the horizontal when I should have looked at it vertically. As a result, when the quilt is vertical, the frogs are "sorta outa whack", but, as my husband mentioned, I am not going to obsess about it. I plan to make a bed size (of course) and this time will use only non-directional prints. In the quilt that was made on the site, she used linen/cotton for the solid squares, but I used 200 ct. muslin for those and plan to do the same for the back. When I make the bed size one though, I do plan to use linen/cotton.

Well I feel really good about this quilt! I think I will give it to one of the girls I work with who is pregnant. Hopefully she wouldn't be bothered by the "out of whack" frogs! Have a great day!!!!

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