Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kinda-Sorta-Productive Week!

My week was "kinda-sorta" because although I worked on projects, nothing really got finished. I now have about 24 blocks completed for my "Peaches/Berries and Cream" quilt. Since I am using handdyes, it is a bit slow going trying to match fabric when I run out of one piece. I am liking it though. Although I had thought I wasn't going to make the pieced border, I think I will. Since I have added a "berry", my border will be easier to piece with what I have. Since I have decided to do that, I think I only have about 6 blocks to go---according to the pattern, these should be more light---so I am working on finding light values in the peaches.

I also worked on the OhFransson quilt I am doing. I am making mine bigger, and instead of a 10 inch block, really should have cut at least a 11 inch block of the focus. So far, because my focus fabrics are "busy", I have been able to piece some strips together to make the block, and not have to go back upstairs and find the fabric again. I hope my luck hold out---it really breaks my rhythm to have to stop and go look for something.

Today, I started yet another quilt---I read OhFransson and saw a pattern for a wonky block baby quilt. I have a good friend at the hospital who is expecting a baby and I thought this would really be cute. It is also breaking the routine so I started it--I have already completed 18 blocks. Supposedly you should be able to get 27 blocks from 9 FQ's but it "ain't happening for me". I had to go back upstairs and pull 9 more fabrics so I am done for the night. I don't have to work tomorrow so I should be able to put this little honey together. I'll post a picture of the completed top. It will make me feel good to finish something and re-energize me to go back to the other two projects.

Well, I am going to look at a little of the Super Bowl and relax. Hope your week-end was a great one and your week will be as well!


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