Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't Try to Make Your Blog TOO Cute!!!

Several of you notified me that when you tried to open my blog it would redirect to another page. The same thing was happening to me. Like all of you, I have a "anti-virus" program on my computer and regularly scan for infections. My program even warns me if I am going to a site that hasn't been determined to be safe. My husband and I couldn't figure out the problem. That is until I realized that this didn't seem to begin to happen until I had added that cute little snowfall widget. It appears that since I have removed the widget, all is back to normal!!!

Hopefully, if anyone stopped coming to visit because they thought it hazardous to the health of their computer, they will reconsider. The moral of this story is, "one shouldn't try to make ones blog TOO cute!!!!"

I'll be back later with picture of Tumbler.


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  1. Oh Thanks for the warning! I saw that it did that and it was very anoying! I am so happy you fixed it!

    Happy sewing and bloging!


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