Sunday, February 28, 2010

Completed Tumbler!

I am all finished with Tumbler---including sewing down the binding. As I mentioned earlier, the sides ended up a soft scallop. It is uneven because I have an uneven number of rolls, but I really like it. Definitely, I am going to make this quilt again, only in a much larger size.

I am now working on finishing up the Peaches and Berries. Once again I have changed my mind and will not make the border as Judy has designed it...but like her other one where she doesn't add a border.

I worked yesterday and I am tired, plus my dryer went out so I am going to have to wash and then take the clothes to a Laundromat to dry. What fun!!! Hope your day will be a pleasant one!



  1. I've been watching your progress on your Tumbler quilt and I absolutely in love with it. I've been cutting one out but it still waits. :-)

    You left a comment on my blog recently, Pat, but you're set for 'no reply' so..... I do appreciate your visit, thank you.

  2. I love it! Looks like I need to bring some of my 30s with me in April to cut!

  3. I love the 30's feel of that quilt. I'm a domestic machine quilter, myself. I will confess to making samples from cheap fabric, leftover thread and scraps of batting. I practice on them until they're full and then toss them in the can. No guilt. Lane


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