Friday, July 3, 2009

Dyeing Lessons Learned!

I dyed today and learned some valuable lessons (at least I think so):

1. If you soak your fabric in soda ash water AND add it during the dyeing process, the colors appear brighter.
2. I do NOT like parfait (dyeing several colors in one canister). The colors bleed together and I really don't like the look.
3. I need to squeeze the color through the fabric more---I got a lot of white spots today.
4. I should ALWAYS wear gloves when working with the dyes---it is easy to end up with brightly colored fingers.
5. I think I like Quilter's Cotton better than the 200 ct. muslin--- the high count muslin doesn't appear to take the color as well so when I rinse it seems dull. If I were doing a lot of applique though the muslin would probably be better since it doesn't appear to ravel as easily.

On another note: The on-line BOM has ended and so I started putting the quilt together. It is really turning out to be a pretty quilt. I am using handdyes (not my own) and got a great batik to add in the sashing. I'll post a picture of the top as soon as I complete it and then an updated picture when I quilt it.

In addition, I noticed that I have had over 2,000 views!!!! WOW! It is amazing to me to think that people are actually reading my blog! I get a real charge when I see those numbers go up. I have noticed that bloggers give gifts to commenorate certain milestones. I'll have to think about that---I really don't have a lot to give---maybe some of my handdyes! I'll have to work really hard to get good and then maybe offer several FQ's. I'll think about that!

Well, have a great night---and thank you so much for stopping by to see me!


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