Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictureless Friday Post!

I have been busy with my grandbabies and really haven't had time to quilt or take pictures (of anything other than them). We leave early Saturday to return them to their parents in Florida. My two oldest children have left (my son on Tuesday and my daughter Thursday morning) and the house will slowly come back into some type of order----but not until I return from Florida.

Yesterday we took formal pictures at a local studio. We were all in white tops and jeans (no shoes). The pictures really turned out nice and even though I cautioned my husband about not buying too many-----we came out with a hefty costs, but wonderful pictures!!!

Carol from Giraffe Dreams list things that she is thankful for on Fridays---so Carol I am going to "copy".

The things I am thankful for:

1. Beautiful-healthy grandchildren
2. Children who seem to appreciate my fiber "art" work
3. A husband who indulges my very expensive "hobby"
4. Health and energy
5. A home large enough to accommodate my babies.

I will post pictures when I return. I have developed a new habit (out of necessity)---scrapbooking. I am making a book for each group of babies (3) to memorialize this fun summer. I will NOT have them completed before they leave, so this will be a surprise coming in the mail.


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  1. How nice to fix scrapbooks for them! May you all treasure every memory made in your time together.



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