Sunday, July 26, 2009

A REALLY Busy Time!!!

I haven't blogged for a while---but I have been really busy none-the-less. We drove to GA to pick up two of my Grandbabies (who live in Jacksonville). That was 1/2 way between here and Florida where they live. We met them (with their parents of course), and put them and their luggage in the car for the ride back home. Parts of the trip are really nice---we come through the mountains and the scenery was beautiful!

The trip was a nice one, and although we had Coal with us, it wasn't too tiring, at least for us people. He on the other hand was worn out! He doesn't' sleep in the car, nor eat, so by the time we got home he was one worn out little puppy! I don't think we will take him on the return trip but will leave him at home with my son---he will not like it, but it will be best.

On Friday, my oldest daughter arrived from Washington state. It takes her 12 hours to get here via plane, and once here, her luggage wasn't with her. She was switched from one carrier (United) to another (Frontier) because of mechanical problems. The problems was her luggage didn't follow her. Both companies weren't the most helpful, with each one blaming the other (after she paid $15 to carry the bag---United charges you if you have to check a bag). They called and said that the bag was arriving and they would deliver it---that didn't happen until about 8:00 the next morning!

On Saturday our oldest son arrived form Washington D.C.! We are having such fun! All but one of our children (we have 5 total) are here and ALL of the grandbabies are here. Two celebrated their birthdays with a joint party--20 children! Fun was had by all!! I gotta tell you however, I worked so hard to get my house all clean---I should have just left it "as is"---

I have been doing a bit of sewing however. I finished putting the "courthouse step" quilt together. It is made of all my dyes (the first batches). The only "store bought" fabric is the black. I am going to use the black also for the border.

I am also joining the "nine patch-a-day" sew-along. I want a much larger quilt so I am making two blocks a day. I am also making mine very scrappy---I have a zillion 2.5
patches that I am going to use.

I also got two new books about dyeing. Although Color on Cloth was described as containing recipes, it really doesn't (in fact neither really do). It does however give me some really great information. I would recommend both. As soon as the kids go back home, I will dye more fabric---it is just hard with 4 little ones underfoot.

I also finished my Internet BOM--put the binding on and everything! Don't you love the backing! I got it at our Guild auction.

Well, I am exhausted!!!!! I think I will go to bed and read my new books!

Thanks for stopping by!!! "See" you later!!!


  1. 20 kids!!! As a retired elementary teacher, I can just imagine how crazy that was!! So glad you were able to get almost all your family together. What memories those children will have to share!

  2. Enjoy your family time!

    Love the bright colors of your quilt! Cute backing, I agree~!

    Happy sewing!

    Zlaty :)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family. Love both your quilts and the back is really cute.


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