Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Stopped By to Say Hey!

Just wanted to say hi---I am continuing to work on sewing down the binding on my quilt. I have decided to enter it and my dimensional block quilt in Quiltfest in Jacksonville. I am absolutely positive I will not win anything, but it is nice to read the Judges comments. When we go down to take my Grandbabies back I will take them to Diane so she can turn them in for me. I am also going to try to get down for the show as well.

I ordered some fabric (for dyeing) and some more dyes from Dhama. I am still trying to find "the" fabric I really like and to try to get more saturated colors. I was re-reading my instructions and found one that says to rinse and wash in cold water. So next time I will: 1) let the fabric "cure" overnight; 2) add salt to the dye solution; and now 3) rinse and wash in cold water. Did I tell you I was enjoying this new learning experience :-)!

BTW--I have started a new quilt! Diane sent me a bunch of patterns and one I simply had to try. I am using a stack of Amy Butler and Miller FQ's plus some other scraps. Of course I am going to make it larger by adding some borders. I will post a picture once it gets from the cutting/block stage.

Well, gotta go get some "beauty sleep". "Talk" to you tomorrow!



  1. Oh, don't use cold water only!!! Even Ann Johnston doesn't use cold water anymore for the first rinse (she used to). If you only use cold water, you will never get all the dyes that are just hanging around out. This requires very hot water for a bit of time. It helps to soak over night before doing the final washes. Best way to get good colors is start with good mercerized pfd cotton or a rayon and use at least a 3 percent dye solution (Ann Johnston uses about a 10% solution)! In anything but direct dyeing (where you are painting the dyes onto fabric that has been soaked in soda ash ahead of time), you only need to batch for 1 - 4 hours at the absolute most. All the dye will be exhausted by then.

  2. Thanks so much for the information. I am assuming 10% means at least 1 T. of dye in the solution. Thanks again for your help Elizabeth!

  3. Can't wait to see the newest quilt with the Amy Butler fabrics! You do know that you are really getting me interested in trying this dyeing business don't you!!?? LOL



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