Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Dyeing!

I gave my last lecture of the summer session today. Next week I give my final test and then summer school is done---at least for me! To celebrate I decided to dye fabric (of course).

This time I presoaked my fabric in soda ash water and also dyed it in soda ash. According to my research, this should help to make the colors more vibrate. All together I dyed 3 yards of fabric (1/4 yard pieces). I did orange to blue; shades of brown; and shades of green. The green was actually left over from my browns (I had some yellow and some blue). It looks like the greens will me "softer" in color---more pastel. I squeezed the color through to make sure I had no white spots, and then scrunched it up and put it back in the containers, so I should still have some mottling--but no white spots. I have also decided to let the color set overnight. Now based on research, the color strength doesn't last that long after the soda ash has been added, but I am tired anyway, so I figure it isn't going to hurt. I have been out to check the process (in the garage) and some of the colors look pretty good--of course you never know until you rinse out the access.

I am really getting interested in snow dyeing and fabric painting. I haven't gotten a chance to look for the books that Kat suggested but after posting I am going to go to the ProChem site and see if they have it.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the results. I am not keeping as organized as I should since I am NOT really keeping a dyeing notebook like I should, but if these turn out nice I will certainly do put samples in the notebook and write out the process so I wouldn't forget.

It is amazing how many different methods you can find, particularly in relationship to the amount of soda ash. What I have determined is it is necessary, but the amount can certainly vary with the same results---it would appear you need at least 4 tsp. per gallon of water.

Well, gotta go! Have a great evening!


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