Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been one "busy body". I loaded my web BOM and decided to quilt it. Before I knew it I had been at it for about 4 hours and was almost finished! I went ahead and finished it and decided to go ahead and bind it as well since you know how I am with bindings. I did that and have clipped it in place, now all I need to do is to hand sew it down. I decided to do a simple meandering rather than anything fancy. The stretched out places quilted out well, even the block with the points off looks okay. I used a thread with shades of beige/brown variegated thread. I think I am finally figuring out the tension on my longarm (premier). The TOWA gauge helps me a lot. The tension was pretty good, I still would have liked it a little better, but it is better than it has been. I still get little pin dots, but in reading, there is no way to not, so I guess I will make myself satisfied.

I also ironed the FQ's I dyed. I really do like them. They do seem brighter and the color deeper. The browns are great! I think I will let them soak overnight from now on.

Finally, I have posted pictures of the Mola's I purchased from Priscilla. They are really pretty. The fish one is bigger than I thought it would be---I think it is a little too big for the back of a vest (what I was going to use it for). I may make it the center of a wallhanging, or maybe put it on the back of a fun coat. At any rate I am very satisfied with them and certainly plan to purchase more form her.

Well, I have to go to work tomorrow, so I am going to relax a bit and then go to bed.


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  1. The Mola's are fantastic! GReat find on those. The hand dyes are definitely getting better and better! And I can't wait to see the BOM finished - the hand dyes used are great colorations. It does appear that soaking overnight will give you a truer, deeper coloration on the dyes.
    Keep up the great work!


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