Friday, January 8, 2010

192 Blocks Done!!!!

I have now completed the 192 blocks of the Bonnie Mystery that will eventually become the poinsettia blocks!!!! I am so impressed with those of you who have kept up with this mystery! I love Bonnie's quilts, but boy!!!!! I tried to follow in sequence, but got sorta overwhelmed and so skipped to the clue where I put the "parts" together to at least let me know I was progressing. After I put the poinsettia's together, I will go back and do the stars. I AM going to finish this quilt I think before I do anything else.

Now on another note---it is very, very, very, COLD here in Middle TN! We were expecting about 2 inches of snow which didn't happen, but now it is horribly cold. The schools are closed, and although my college is still open, I am not going to try to go in today. The streets are covered with ice! and since I have to drive quite a little ways, I am going to work at home. Thank goodness for computers!

Well, gotta go drink another cup of coffee and get started so I can do a little quilting this afternoon. Take care and stay warm!!!

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