Monday, January 18, 2010

Much Better!

It is a little hard to see the pictures since Coal is so black everything sorta becomes a "black spot"---but he is doing so much better...thanks! He is eating a little, playing with his favorite toy (see the frog in the picture) and generally being spoiled! He is laying on his favorite quilt!

Now for quilt related news---I am now putting the 15 inch blocks together and although I hoped to actually put the quilt together today, I should tomorrow or the next. I went to Joanne's yesterday and got a bolt of 50% cotton/50% bamboo. It is surprisingly soft. I thought it would be more like linen, but it is sorta like a soft broadcloth. I think it will work well in my dyeing, come warmer weather. I also got 7 yard of a bright blue kona cotton. I think I am going to make a blue/white quilt out of it. I don't have a very big stash so I don't feel bad about adding to it, but I still have the goal to use as much of it to make my quilts this year as possible. I really didn't do too bad last year actually, since I think almost every quilt I made was from my stash.

Guild is tonight, so I am going to go back down and see if I can put a couple of more blocks together before I have to get ready to go.

Hugs! and thanks again for asking about Coal!

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