Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

This year I was awake when the New Year came in!!!!!! This is truly a first time for me since usually I am either in bed or asleep on the sofa and someone has to wake me up. It might have been because of my kids being home, and the fact that they kept me entertained!

It is said that whatever you are doing on New Year's Day you will do the rest of the year. Well, unfortunately I wasn't quilting :-( I was getting ready for our son's wedding :-) It was a sweet ceremony---they wrote their own vows and even had the minister weepy! For sure, my son can NOT forget their wedding anniversary!!! We then had a delicious meal and cheesecake, so it was a good day.

I worked on a mystery quilt today, and am having a really hard time putting it together. I can't seem to match the seams! I have put it aside and will pick up Carolina Christmas probably a little tomorrow. I know I am a bit picky, but if at all possible I like to match things up---especially with this pattern. I will take a picture of a section and share it with you.

Just wanted to say "hey"!

Have a great evening!

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