Friday, January 22, 2010

Yet ANOTHER New Project!

I guess I must be "hyper" or something! At night I seem to have a hard time settling down and getting to sleep, usually I end up playing with my Nintendo DS, so I thought, why not knit. You might have read that I started knitting socks a while ago. I like the idea of knitting, but because I am self-taught, I knit VERY S-L-O-W-L-Y, and often tire of the project (I guess I need immediate gratification). Anyway, I knitted "a" sock for my granddaughter, years ago (she is now 16) when she was a baby. Knitted two pairs of socks last year (one pair had a sock that was really big, the other really small--one pair was okay but the yarn was ugly), and had started on another which has a mistake I can't fix and so will have to take down and start over. I decided to start on yet another pair using a thinner yarn and making them for myself. I will probably only knit at night. I had to start this pair at least 4 times since for me, the beginning is always the hardest and I always make a mistake or drop a stitch! Now, although it is a bit wobbly, I am on my way!!!!!

Well, I am working at home again today. I am teaching an on-line nutrition class this semester and have to put the test on-line. It is very involved and time-consuming, but I am almost done with the first one.

I worked on my Peaches/Berries and Cream Quilt (since I have some blue, red and peach color in it) and will put some of the big blocks together this week-end. I don't know how Judy L. quilts so fast!!!! I am trying to figure out a process that will allow me to move along more quickly. I am anxious to put a quilt on my "finish" list. I also plan to work on the "you know what" quilt --I figure if I mention it everyday I will not put it to the back burner. It is really slow going because I have to match a LOT of points but it too is coming along. One thing I have come to realize---I will NOT be making a Dear Jane Quilt---:D

Well gotta go--drink another cup of coffee. Let me say though before I go, I really appreciate those of you who read my blog!!!!!!! I can't tell you what a charge I get from watching the reader number going up---over 4,000 WOW!!!! and 20 followers!!! I am so honored since there are far more creative and interesting blogs out there than mine! If those of you who are followers have a blog, please e-mail me the address or post it in your comments. I'd love to follow your's as well!



  1. I love to knit socks. I've only made about 5 pair and one is a wierd yarn that makes my feet sweat, so I know what you mean about making mistakes. But, it gets easier each time. I have some great yarn that I bought just before end of last year, but I can't start on them until I get some already started projects finished. Take care. Lane

  2. Hey, Patricia. That log cabin quilt is a kit from Blank designs. The came out with a line of fabric that had four shades of a color running in wide stripes the length of the bolt. So, I had yardage of the green that included 4 shades of green, the blue that included 4 shades and the brown, too. Cut the strips from that and assembled them into that log cabin. If you can get the fabric or want to try it with other fabrics, I'm glad to share a copy of the pattern instructions. Just email me. Lane

  3. Good luck with the socks! I'm practicing for when my needles and yarn arrive for the real thing but I'm self taught too and I have a feeling this is going to be a challenge for me!


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