Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just a couple of weeks ago, school was cancelled because of the prediction of 3 inches of snow---we got a dusting--so I admit there was some skepticism about the prediction of up to 7 inches here in Middle TN. Well this time--they were right! We measured about 4 inches in our yard, but there is solid ice on top of that! The kids are out trying to make snowmen, out of sheets of ice---needless to say, it is a bit difficult :-) The kids across the street are from the Middle East and so snow is clearly a novelty--Mom and Dad are outside taking movies of the kids playing. We attempted to keep our Grandson inside because he does have asthma, but he looked so pitiful standing at the door until we did relent and let him out for a little bit. He looks like the little boy in The Christmas Story--so bundled up he can hardly move :-). Poor Coal is so confused---he went out to do his "business" and had such a hard time finding a spot, till DH had to remove the snow from around his favorite tree and then he finally was able to get some relief. He was walking and falling and of course his little feet were getting cold. He of course can only spend a short time on the ground and then we have to pick him up, so he is getting "curb service" to his spot until the snow melts.

I finished "the" quilt. Of course, I had problems---thankfully at the end. I am so grateful for zipper leaders--I know what I did---I didn't measure my backing properly and so it was longer in the middle. I had to pin up the excess. I did get a couple of wrinkles in the back, but since this is NOT a show quilt--oh well!!! I am going to bind it and then wash/dry it and I bet you will not even be able to see the mistakes. If you can--again--Oh well! I really like the backing---it looks like old newspaper ads for quilting notions. I had to be careful taking the picture or you would see the state of my quilting "studio". It was once a formal dining room and when I moved into it I felt I had enough space to last forever---now it is much too small!!! I would like to take over the living room, or better yet the upstairs den (where the pool table is) but you can imagine what DH says :-)---Oh well, maybe we will win the lotto and I will build me a "quilting house" like this quilter has I read about in a magazine. Wouldn't that be too awesome!

I didn't go in to work today---glad I didn't since according to the news, the interstates are messed up, not to mention the side roads. This picture is looking out my front door. The street is still covered with ice even though a couple of neighbors have traveled on it. I plan to take my shower and put on a clean pair of pajamas and make some blocks and knit on my socks. I made chili yesterday, and so we will have leftovers.

You all stay safe and warm today! Quilty hugs all around!!!


  1. Oh, that looks terrific! Love the bright and cheerful. Stay warm. Lane

  2. Congratulations on your finish! That is the hard part for me to finish my quilts! The backing is super cute!

    MMM ... I am ready for Spring now! It;s cold here in PA but we don;t have snow!

    Happy sewing!

    What is your next projects? This one had a lot of piecing!


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